The regional patent-
and utilisation agencies:
Coordination &
and middle Hessen region

TransMIt GmbH
Gesellschaft für
Technologietransfer mbH

Northern and eastern Hessen region
Gino mbH
Gesellschaft für Innovation
Nordhessen mbH

Southern Hessen region
Gesellschaft für innovative Technologien und FuE-Dienstleistungen der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main mbH

The top five:

Point-of-care monitoring of blood coagulation time via “Surface Acoustic Waves” (SAW)
Scientists from Goethe University Frankfurt developed a new mobile device to determine ad-hoc coagulation times from full-blood samples utilizing “surface acoustic waves“. This coagulation time is of high importance e.g. during emergency situations when the coagulation status of a patient under anti....

Life science:
Ratio between PlGF and Flt-1 as a prognostic tool for cardiovascular diseases
The invention uses the significance of the biochemical markers PlGF and Flt-1 for risk stratification of people with a cardiovascular disease or for the evaluation to develop such a disease. The method involves the quantification and calculation of the ratio of PlGF / Flt-1 in a sample derived from....

Life science:
Plasminogen activator for the treatment of acute inflammatory and chronic interstitial lung diseases
Production of a recombinant chimeric fusion protein, consisting of human plasminogen activator (urokinase or u-PA) and human hydrophobic surfactant protein (SP-B, SP-C).
Persistent suppression of alveolar fibrinolytic activity and the resulting permanent intra-alveolar fibrin deposition play an....

Life science:
sCD40L as a biochemical marker for cardiovascular diseases
sCD40L is a biochemical marker for the identification of activated platelets of patients with cardiovascular diseases (angina pectoris, infarction, stroke etc.). The concentration of sCD40L is determined by rapid analysis of peripheral blood samples. Serum levels of sCD40L are already raised before....

Driving mechanism
The technology describes a device for the energy transference between a flowing medium and a crankshaft which uses the kinetic energy of the flowing medium (e.g. stream flow in rivers, ocean currents or atmospheric currents) to produce energy.

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